Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Biking But Not Blogging

Work and various family obligations prevented me from biking as much as I'd have liked in the last month. A half dozen projects around the house (repairing freezer, car window motor, busted dryer belt, cracked paint, wet basement) and a busy work schedule prevented me from blogging. Plus I just haven't been that inspired.

It was still dark at around 5:30 am when I had breakfast before my morning ride. Kind of depressing to think the winter and night biking approaches.


Dan said...

Come onnnn, blog

Daniel said...

Yeah man!! BLOG!! I've had great fun reading your entries. I agree with you on the red light issue. So long as I am not impeding pedestrians, fellow bikers, and especially motorists, I will be moving on through. It takes too much out of me to start and stop and start and stop. If riding a bike were as easy as pressing down on a brake and gas pedal, perhaps I would think otherwise.

SiouxGeonz said...

cmmon... blog :D :D

Nick said...

Steve, did you get lost in a snowdrift, or are you still out there somewhere?

I echo: Come onnnn, blog! ;)

theshinslive said...

Hey Steve,

I concur with the above comments. I imagine blogging is something of a time suck and I would imagine running out of things to say pretty quick, but you have readers out here! I just stumbled upon you a couple of days ago. I'm setting up a (hopefully) much lighter single speed road bike to replace my 33 pound mountain bike and was looking for inspiration to cycle more, and hopefully through most of the winter as well. Your blog has provided it admirably along with a lot of good advice for weather-related riding issues, etc.

Keep it up!

J. Ward