Monday, February 26, 2007

Wimped Out Again

I was planning to ride in to work today but the snow and rain over the weekend left the roads really slushy and nasty. I wasn't going to gamble that the Chicago Park District cleared the Lakefront Trail; although they have been pretty good about it. So I took the train in to work instead. While waiting for the Metra at Hubbard Woods I noticed the Green Bay Trail had a good three inches of snow and slush. The Village of Winnetka is usually pretty good about clearing it away but I guess they didn't get to it yet.

My hubs probably need repacking. If I had the proper sized cone wrenches I would have done it over the weekend. Maybe I'll just have some pros do it and save me the time. Kozy's has a pretty good turn around on service so I'll probably give them a call.

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