Thursday, February 01, 2007

In Chicago winter, hardy cyclists keep riding

This Reuters article was posted on a number of bicycling sites. I figured I might as well post it as well.

By Michael Hirtzer Tue Jan 30, 6:48 AM ET

CHICAGO, Jan 30 (Reuters Life!) - Four pairs of socks, and Jackson Potter's feet were still icy blocks.

Riding his bicycle to work one Chicago winter morning, high school teacher Potter was too cold to go on. He stopped at a laundromat and asked if the owner could spare any socks.

"He gave me about 10 pairs. I put on four pairs, and my feet were still numb when I got to school," Potter said.

Such is winter in Chicago, dubbed the "Windy City" -- but even subzero temperatures and harsh windy gusts are not enough to deter a growing group of bike riders who cycle year-round...

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