Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lonely Ride

Not too many people biking on the Lakefront Path this morning. I guess with yesterday's crummy weather, a lot of people decided to sleep in. I figured I'd have to wear a long sleeve shirt for this morning's ride but the TV time and temp said it was 68 degrees outside. My bike shoes were still wet from the day before so I put on another pair of my shopping bag booties. This time they were worth the minimal effort. Ever since my Marine days, I've always hated putting dry comfortable feet into clammy soggy shoes (Durr! Who does?!)

I also lubed up my chain pretty good since I didn't clean or dry my bike when I came home yesterday. One thing I really hate is a noisy bike. I just can't see how people can pedal with all that squeaking going on. I guess I'm a noise weenie as opposed to a weight weenie.

Distance Traveled: 24.2 miles
Distance to date: 297.6 miles
Price of gas: $3.19

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