Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Soggy Ride

It was kind of overcast and misty when I started my bike ride from work this afternoon. My wife had just sent me a text message stating it was pouring back home. Pshaw! It'll probably clear up I thought. I hadn't been able to bike since last Wednesday so come Hell or high water, I was biking home.

Well I didn't get Hell but I got the high water. As soon as I got to the intersection of State and Roosevelt, the rain started in earnest. It seemed to be a lake effect type of rain, if there is such a thing. It was a bit chilly at the stops but once I got going the rain really wasn't a big deal. I had a steady 20 mph headwind to keep me warmed up. On the plus side, I had the Lakefront Trail pretty much to myself.

As a precaution, I trimmed some grocery bags and wore them over my socks in an effort to prevent soggy feet (I tucked the bags in so I didn't look like a complete doof; they made a funny crinkly sound as I walked though). After a while the rain soaked the top of my socks and seeped all the way through. I was worse off than if I had just shod myself like a normal person.

I took the Granville to Clark Street route for the first time northbound. Even with all the traffic on Clark Street, I still like this route better than taking Sheridan. Clark Street is nicely paved and because it only has two lanes of traffic, the cars travel slower. But there are more people going in and out of parked cars. A well timed friendly shout prevented my getting doored. A louder frantic shout prevented a collision with an oblivious pedestrian (scared the crap out of him too).

Distance Traveled: 24.2 miles
Distance to date: 273.4 miles
Price of gas: $3.19

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