Thursday, January 25, 2007

Getting the Bike Tuned Up

Due to a change in my work schedule, I'm not biking until my ride home this Friday. In the meantime I took advantage of the time off the road for a long over due tune-up (the Performance Chicago tune up discount coupon I received at the Chicago Bike to Work Day was all the incentive I needed). My wheels were wobbly, the gearing was acting up again, my brake pads were so worn that I was near metal on metal, and also I figured it was high time a pro gave my bike a good once over. Fortunately Performance Northbrook agreed to honor the coupon.

While checking in the bike, I spoke to an employee about SRAM chains. I really like SRAM chains because they are easy on and easy off with the SRAM Power Link. I installed a SRAM chain on my 2003 Cannondale Scalpel 3000 and really liked the convenience. This made the chain and the rear derailleur much easier to clean. Contrary to what manufacturers advise, the employee told me my current Shimano chain could also be fitted with the SRAM Power Link. So I could enjoy the benefits of a SRAM chain without waiting for my current chain to wear out. Fortunately I already have a SRAM Power Link at home. So all I have to do is pop out two pins and put in the new link.

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