Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blitzed Again

Terrific weather for bicycling. Left for home around 2:30 pm because I worked an early shift. Sunny and high 60s. Not a lot of people on the Lakefront Trail at this time of day. Passed a road biker around North Avenue beach. He looked like he was enjoying a relaxed pace. But like many before, I guess he took my passing him as a personal challenge. Around Fullerton, he passed me by and like Pavlov's dog, my conditioned response was to go after him. Some riders zip by me at such a good clip that I don't even think twice about trying to keep up. But those that are just a bit swifter than me are the bane of my existence. I have to run them down no matter how much it wears me out. This guy looked like he had a lighter bike, an obviously lighter load, and was probably younger than me as well (most people on the trail are). I kept up with him pretty good. By leaching off his wind I was able to coast every once in a while and conserve what little energy I had left in me. He was much better accelerating though. When slowing down for turns he was much better at picking up the speed again and it really tired me out. Just north of the Wilson crossing we had to nearly stop for some toddlers in the path. After that I was done. He was able to get back up to speed like a sports car whereas I accelerated like a loaded RV. Fortunately he turned off at Lawrence because I was spent.

Along Granville some jerk driver was probably trying to impress his girl by hugging the parked cars and not letting me pass. I know I shouldn't be passing on the right but I can quickly cruise through Granville while all the cars get bogged down at the stop signs. Jerk off had his fun until I was able to speed off at another intersection that was free of parked cars. But another car unknowingly did the same thing. I gave the car's fender a little knuckle rap just to let them know I was there so it wouldn't squish me. I freaked out the driver and she braked quickly. When the car came closer to me at Clark I gave an apologetic wave so she wouldn't think I was a total A-hole.

Distance Traveled: 24.3 miles
Distance to date: 551.5 miles
Price of gas: $2.89

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