Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tuesday Grind

It was misty and wet on the roads this morning. Lately my rides to work have been starting before full daylight. I really enjoy the solitude. The towns of Winnetka, Kenilworth, Wilmette and Evanston are still asleep as I ride through. It is only as I get to the end of my time on Clark Street or crossing Broadway that people start popping up. As the sun rises my engine seems to get into full gear. But there haven’t been many opportunities to engage in friendly competition with my fellow riders. Morning traffic on the Lakefront Trail seems to have dropped off in the last week. I have a nice tailwind so my cruising speed was in the 17 to 20 mph range.

I passed a gentleman on a mountain bike near North Avenue Beach. He picked up his pace and tried to hang on to my rear tire but he couldn’t keep up. I know exactly how he feels. When I was riding my Bianchi Hybrid, I took it personally (and still do actually) if someone zipped by me. I attempted to keep up with some road bike riders. They must have thought I was really kidding myself. And they were right of course. After a quarter mile (if I was lucky) I’d burned out, was totally spent, and dejected. In short, I was a total goof.

After passing Navy Pier I saw a yellow shirted road bike rider off in the distance. I was gaining on him as I hit the Lakeshore Drive straightaway south of Monroe Street. But I faded and couldn't keep up with his pace. He slowed for the Lakeshore Drive underpass near the Field Museum. Lucky for me he went in another direction. Otherwise I would have had to run him down. I'm like a dog chasing cars. I just can't help myself.

Distance Traveled: 24.3 miles
Distance to date: 370.0 miles
Price of gas: $3.11

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