Saturday, October 21, 2006

Night Biking

It seems I'm doing more biking in the night rather than during daylight. I swapped a small LED light for a rear mounting helmet light at Turin and fitted it prior to my ride home. It is neat because it swings on its mount and is theoretically self leveling. I couldn't tell if it works or not because its on the back of my head.

I left work at around 5:30 and faced a lot of traffic on Roosevelt Road. It was still light out so I didn't have my helmet light on. But after having to shout at a driver coming out of a parking lot I decided to fire it up.

I must have had a tailwind because I sensed I was faster than normal. However my GPS crapped out again so I couldn't monitor my speed and determine if this was the case. But no one passed me today. I guess all the fast bicyclists had already made it home.

The ride up Clark Street was pretty hairy. Twice I was squeezed by drivers turning right. In one case I saw the turn signal indicating the guy was going to park and assumed he'd wait for me to pass. Dumb on my part. Luckily there was a driveway there and I scooted onto the sidewalk and got back on the road shortly thereafter. The next guy was just a jerk. I gave his fender a nice knock to warn him I was there but I don't think he heard me over his subwoofer.

Cars were backed up all downtown Evanston because of Northwestern's homecoming parade. Had I still lived in town I probably would have been delayed a half an hour.

Distance Traveled: 24.3 miles
Distance to date: 1026.2 miles
Price of gas: $2.43

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