Saturday, October 14, 2006

Why I Love the Internet: Fixed My GPS!

My Garmin GPSMAP 60C cost nearly $400 and developed an annoying habit of conking out with the slightest jarring. Sending it back to the factory for repair or replacement costs $135! I'm pretty handy and fix a lot of stuff around my house so with some trepidation I thought I might be able to save myself some significant cash and fix this gadget too. A search of a GPS forum zeroed right in on the problem and the solution to what ailed my model. Twenty minutes later my GPS was fixed (as far as I can tell; we'll see on the next ride).

The internet also has provided me a number of resources for fixing my bike. Bicycle Technologies International is a terrific reference for spare parts for Shimano components. When I owned my 2003 Cannondale Scalpel 3000, I was having problems with the XTR rear derailleur. A repairman at a local bike shop (that I no longer go to) took a look at it and said it would need to be replaced. Hardly! With the help of an exploded view of the XTR rear derailleur I realized the plate axel was worn down and needed replacing. Not many bike stores offer spare parts but Kozy's was willing to order it for me. $26 and 10 days later my XTR rear derailleur was working again.

An internet appliance repair forum was also instrumental in replacing a belt and heat sensor in our gas dryer. I figure I saved $150 to $200 on that one. So all in all the internet has a lot more going for it than just porn.

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Robin said...

Does that suggest you mostly use the internet for porn?