Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Winter Riding Gear

It was 30° and dark this morning. I switched to a pair of cheap ten year old long underwear that I'd "grown out of". They were too tight for regular wear but I thought they might do a better job on my morning commutes. It seems I made the right choice. My earlier attempts at layering caused the areas around my trunk to get too wet and sweaty. This lead to being too hot at some points and then too cold later. The tighter long underwear top did a better job wicking away perspiration and keeping me somewhat comfortable. So I think I might not hate biking in the cold as much as I thought. The only other issue is warming up my toes. My booties do a decent job but after an hour on the road my toes begin to feel a little frosty.

Not a problem avoiding pedestrians, dog walkers and slow bikers on the Lakefront Trail these days. At the Oak Street curve I got a nice view of the sunrise. At the Monroe Street Harbor I smelled the smoke from the building fire the night before and there was still a dark mist hanging over the area of South State Street.

The Lightweights are peeling off the Lycra parts of my gloves. I might try gluing them down because I light their reflectivity and they also look kind of cool.

Distance Traveled: 24.3 miles
Distance to date: 1099.1 miles
Price of gas: $2.43

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