Monday, March 05, 2007

Clear Monday

The only unusual aspect of my morning bike ride to work was it was light out when I rolled out at 6:00 am. The sun hadn’t risen yet but the clear predawn skies provided a hint of daylight. This was fortunate since my replacement helmet mount for my tail light was still enroute from Planet Bike. Strong winds from the northwest gave me a bit of a push and the roads were dry. Even with temperatures in the mid 20s, it was ideal biking conditions.

Before my ride I was concerned because my left wrist still ached from my mishap last week and now my back was acting up. Because of my bum wrist I had been lifting things (groceries, firewood, children) in an abnormal manner and it think it caused me to pull a muscle in my lower back. Once on the road neither malady bothered me. I guess holding on to the handlebars took the weight off my back.

The conditions on the Lakefront Trail were generally pretty good. There were quite a few icy patches on the north end of the trail but by Wilson the path was mostly clear all the way to Roosevelt Road.

As I was waiting out a red light at Roosevelt and Columbus, I saw a gentleman on a low, low recumbent head down Roosevelt as well. I figured it was the same guy I saw months ago further west. Once I got the green I hoped to catch up to get a better look at him. Upon cresting the hill over the South Shore tracks I saw the recumbent was way ahead of me at Wabash or State Street. I was further delayed at red lights and last saw him cresting the hill past Clark Street. I think I got a glimpse of him through the congestion between Canal and the Dan Ryan Expressway but he was so low I couldn’t be sure. I hammered the pedals thinking I’d catch up but I never saw him again. I feel really vulnerable on a regular bike on this part of Roosevelt. So I can’t imagine risking my neck on a recumbent against the crazy drivers in this neighborhood. But then again people think I’m nuts.

Distance Traveled: 24.3 miles
Distance to date: 2067.1 miles
Price of gas: $2.64

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