Saturday, March 10, 2007


Not biking much. My back and my wrist are still killing me and riding around probably aggravates the problem. I'm just hoping the time off the road will heal what ails me. I was consoled about missing a ride since it rained so much on Friday afternoon I would have been pretty miserable.

I mangaged to fix my GPS after taking it apart and putting it back together about a zillion times. For some reason I couldn't consistenly turn it on and off. I never figured out what was wrong with it but I guess enough fiddling around with it cured the problem. Unscrewing the back and taking it apart isn't the rocket science most would think it is since these things are designed so illiterate 12 year olds can assemble them in foreign sweatshops.

Distance Traveled: 0.0 miles
Distance to date: 2115.7 miles
Price of gas: $2.64

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