Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Cold Afternoon Bicycle Ride Home

A crazy work schedule has prevented me from biking for almost a week. My muscles felt a little rusty as I pedaled home this afternoon. Started work really early so I was able to head home at 2:00 pm and avoid a night ride.

Sunny and cold. It was probably in the mid 40s. My outfit seems to be doing a good job of regulating my body heat. And I didn't have to buy any fancy gear. My feet got a bit toasty in my booties but not uncomfortable. The Lakefront Trail was pretty lonely. I think I encountered less than twenty bikers, runners and walkers.

Commute By Bike posted a short video about Alastair Humphreys, a British guy that biked around the world. The movie was ok (I'd have posted it if I found it really compelling) but his web page is even more fascinating. He provides a few chapters from his self published book (another impressive feat), Moods of Future Joys, which is about the first part of his trip from the UK through Africa. After reading a free sample, I bought a copy on for $17. I've always had a pipe dream of trekking around the world on a sailboat or biking across the country or through Europe. Real life and real responsibilities pretty much prevent that now.

Distance Traveled: 24.4 miles
Distance to date: 1123.5 miles
Price of gas: $2.43

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