Thursday, November 02, 2006


It was in the 20s this morning as I shoved off at 8:15 am. I worked a later shift because I had some night work to do. The colder rides haven't been that bad though. At least I was bicycling during daylight.

I biked past my sons' Evanston preschool this morning on the chance I'd get to say goodbye to them once more. I pedaled by and surprised my four year old son Joseph just as he was being walked inside by one of his teachers. I later learned she asked him who I was. I guess she didn't recognize me in my helmet, head band, and glasses. She was probably worried I was some sort of perv.

I was nearly smooshed by a BMW SUV turning into a congested Dunkin Donuts at Clark and Thome. It had its turn signal on but I thought the driver would at least have the courtesy to give me a little room as it queued up for drive through coffee. I gave the vehicle a nice knuckle double tap as I veered up on the side walk and back into traffic. So we're even.

A very stiff easterly wind made the last leg of my commute on Roosevelt Road very slow. Plus my rear derailleur is acting up and I couldn't keep it in gear as I climbed west from State Street. I have to get it looked at. On top of that the sidewall of my rear tire has a hole in it and the tube is threatening to burst through. Maybe some duct tape will keep it in check.

Distance Traveled: 24.4 miles
Distance to date: 1167.9 miles
Price of gas: $2.39

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